About Us

CECSRDI is a very crucial initiative of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO). It was started in the year 2012 and it immediately gained national and international recognition in the year 2012-2013 itself. Its research works have been widely cited by both national and international stakeholders since 2012. The main reason for its popularity and credibility is that it is the exclusive techno legal research and development initiative in the world that is discussing the legal and technical aspects of cyber security simultaneously.

From time to time we upgraded it and hosted it on multiple portals of P4LO and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal Base (PTLB). In the year 2019 we launched two unique techno legal startups named TeleLaw and PTLB Projects. Both these startups have been recognised by DPIIT and CECSRDI started working under their banner and expertise. This gives CECSRDI a mix of LegalTech and EduTech inputs, expertise and support.

CECSRDI has also been recognised as an Incubation Centre by MeitY Startup Hub (MSH) and it is facilitating technological incubation of many startups. However, one of our hosting providers Net4India is facing technical and legal issues and this forced our portals and websites to be non functional. The pandemic of Covid-19 also struck at global level and many services were badly effected. As a result we deferred our incubation program for a year.

Now CECSRDI is again inviting applications from startups to incubate at our incubator. Selective startups would be provided with our techno legal guidance and expertise and appropriate funding too, wherever available and applicable. We would provide all mentoring and guidance through our online portals and online mechanisms. This way the reach of our incubator would be tremendous and it would benefit both national and international stakeholders.

Those seeking incubation and guidance of CECSRDI can do so at MSH and while doing so they are advised to contact us too. Do not rely upon the MSH portal exclusively as that is very slow and customer support is missing from it. That is why we are developing our own mechanism to strengthen such incubation process and procedure. We have already received few incubation requests but due to technical reasons, Covid-19 and other reasons we could not take them up. Now preference would be given to such applicants and they can contact us again if they have not been incubated elsewhere or even if they have already been incubated elsewhere but they wish to be incubated under CECSRDI now. The best way is to contact us directly instead of first applying at MSH so that better coordination and assistance from CECSRDI is available.

We at P4LO, PTLB and Perry4Law’s Techno Legal ICT Training Centre (PTLITC) are providing techno legal online education, skills development and lifelong learning courses, programs and trainings in various fields. Collectively, P4LO, PTLB and PTLITC are managing online learning and skills development in cyber law, cyber security and other techno legal fields from K12 to lifelong learning stages.

If you are a collaborator or investor who is interested in collaborating or investing in CECSRDI and its initiatives, please contact us with a clear and final proposal in this regard. Incomplete proposals and general queries would not be entertained and replied back.

If you are an investor or collaborator, please see and follow the Company’s Page of CECSRDI at LinkedIn and follow the Twitter account of CECSRDI for more information. We engage with only selective investors and collaborators at our social media accounts who have already invested or collaborated with our organisation, startups or projects and none else. We look forward to have you as a valuable investor or collaborator for our techno legal journey ahead.