We at P4LO understand the importance of collaboration in cyber security field. Being a techno legal initiative, CECSRDI is seeking collaboration on multiple fronts. Some of the areas where CECSRDI is seeking collaboration are research and development, education, skills development, international cooperation and coordination, automation, legal services and consultancies, cyber security consultancies and services, global cyber security compliance, cyber law due diligence, cyber security due diligence, etc.

The list is just illustrative and if you have a good project or collaborative idea that you wish to share with us, we would be happy to hear the same. Also, we have many LegalTech, EduTech and other startups and projects too where cyber security is involved in one form or another. So you may contact us for multiple collaborative opportunities.

However, we are not interested in sales and marketing pitches and communications. So unless we have shown our interest in your product or service, please do not contact us for sales and marketing purposes. The same applies to all our social media accounts too. Unsolicited communications may put you in our blacklist and we may take suitable actions accordingly.

We have separately provided info for investors who wish to invest in our LegalTech, EduTech, RegTech, AgriTech and other startups. So do not mix up collaboration and investment options and send us a clear, complete and final collaboration or investment proposal for our perusal. Incomplete and explorative proposals would not be entertained and we would not reply back. Also if you are contacting us at the first place, it is you who have to tell us how you can collaborate with or invest in our projects and startups. Read as much as possible about our projects, startups, initiatives, etc and then contact us.