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Communication is a skill and it must be effectively used. It is better to communicate less than making cold calls and to send unsolicited e-mails and communications. We respect privacy and time of all stakeholders and we expect the same from others. That is why we have adopted a unique communication strategy that discourages spamming and encourages all privacy compliant communications.

We are approachable through multiple methods including social media, e-mails, online chats, WhatsApp, phone calls, video calls, etc. But these methods to communicate with us are available to serious stakeholders alone who are our clients, investors, collaborators, trainees or friends. So even if you have our phone number or official e-mail id, you would not be able to communicate with us unless you have approached us through a proper channel.

Also to discourage spammers and non serious and non permitted people, we have deliberately kept our phone numbers, official e-mail ids, etc non public from people at large. If you need to contact us, you may contact us at perry4law (at) rediffmail (dot) com. Please do not send any sensitive documents at this e-mail id as this id is used for primary contact only. Once a professional relationship is established between us and the sender of the mail, his/her/its communications would be shifted to an official, dedicated and secured e-mail account. Other options like WhatsApp, online chat, phone conversation and video calling, etc would also be available to such a person.

If you have already established a client attorney relationship with Perry4Law in the past, then you must already be aware of our dedicated and secured e-mails for communications and the procedure to send sensitive documents to us. In case of doubt, please contact us and we would guide you as to how to send us sensitive documents and what our policies are for their safe retention and deletion from our systems.

We recommend using safe, secure and end to end encrypted e-mail services for your sensitive communications and limit the number of users who have access to the same. By default, it is our practice that only one person or partner has access to a client’s documents at a time and only in exceptional cases two or more partners of Perry4Law take a look at the documents of that client.

We look forward to have you as our valuable investor, client, collaborator, trainee, etc for our techno legal projects, startups and initiatives.