Incubator Info

CECSRDI is a unique techno legal project that is supported by LegalTech and EduTech startups. More can be found about CECSRDI here. CECSRDI is also a recognised Tech Incubator by Meity Startup Hub (MSH) and it is currently accepting incubation requests from Indian and foreign startups.

It has a physical capacity to incubate 5 startups currently and we are working to increase that strength. Simultaneously, we are also working to establish an online environment and portal where startups can be incubated virtually. We would provide our techno legal services and assistance to such virtually incubated startups, whether they are from India and other countries.

Virtual incubation would make the reach of our Tech Incubator global and startups from other jurisdictions can also be benefited from it. If you wish to be virtually incubated at our incubator, contact us with your complete details, including those about your startup. We would launch our Virtual Cyber Security Incubator very soon.