Investors Info

Besides collaborators, we encourage investors to seek investment opportunities for our techno legal startups and their projects. It would be beneficial if potential investors read about us before contacting so that they are well aware about the projects and areas where we are working.

We are looking for non stake basis investments only from selective global investors. We prefer to seek investment from a maximum of three investors globally and investors who have invested first would be given preference for subsequent investment opportunities for the same startup or project.

Pitch decks of TeleLaw (LegalTech) and PTLB Projects (EduTech) startups are available here and collaborators or investors are requested to go through the same before contacting us. These decks are sufficient to make up your mind to invest in our LegalTech, EduTech or other startups and projects.

All collaboration or investment proposals must be clear, complete and final and they must be sent through official e-mail ids of the senders. Communications from private e-mail ids would not be entertained. We also reserve the right to conduct our own due diligence about such potential collaborators or investors just like such collaborators or investors would conduct their own due diligence about us and our startups.

We do not engage with intermediaries or middleman. Whether you wish to seek our techno legal services on contractual or regular basis or wish to collaborate with us or wish to invest in us, do not approach us through intermediaries or middleman. That strategy has never worked and would never work in future too as far as P4LO and its services are concerned. Contact us directly from your organisation’s official e-mail id.

Come and join us for a wonderful, revolutionary and historic techno legal journey that would change the face of global techno legal services in near future.