Skills Development

Skills development is a continuous process and no person can afford to remain stagnant and non committal to continuous up-gradation of his/her skills as per modern times. This is more so in the contemporary times where there is a huge gap between the academic studies as imparted in India and the actual skills set requirements of the industry and market forces. If producing graduates and post graduates is the criteria, India would have topped the charts in the world. But the defective education system of India totally lacks a focus upon skills development.

We at CECSRDI do not believe in such theoretical and useless education system. We believe that instead of a degree or diploma, it is much better to have a practical and skill based knowledge. India must pay more attention to those limited and precious educational systems and institutions who are working to bridge the skills gaps, especially at K12, graduate and post graduate levels.

One method can be to give incentives and financial assistance to startups who are working in EduTech and skills development field.

Another method can be to grant easy recognition to such institutions that are working upon skills development aspects. They should not be pushed away by imposing same standards as are applicable to universities and colleges. There are many bureaucratic hurdles that are not letting such skills development institution to be recognised and grow.

Even in 2021 there is little focus upon online institutions and skills development portals. We are still struck with our colonial mentality of brick and mortar based academic education that is producing unskilled graduates. Instead, India should invest in online skills development portals so that India can become a global hub in online education and skills development fields.

We at P4LO are working to impart online education and skills development at three stages and are working to get affiliations, recognition, etc for the same. These are:

(a) PTLB School: PTLB School would impart online education and skills development to students upto the K12 segment. It would cover educational fields like cyber law, cyber security, basic level coding and programming, digital skills, intellectual property rights (IPRs), environmental laws and sustainable development, implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), etc.

(b) PTLB Virtual Campus: PTLB Virtual Campus is providing online e-learning and skills development courses for graduate and post graduate levels. It covers techno legal issues for fields like cyber law, cyber security, e-discovery, cyber forensics, space law, international trade, artificial intelligence, machine learning, privacy and data protection, startups and entrepreneurship, etc.

(c) PTLITC Projects: PTLITC is managing higher education, PhD and lifelong learning segments of P4LO. Its focus is upon domain specific and highly specialised education and skills development in India and at global level using online portal. It is still in development stage.

(d) Virtual Cyber Security Incubator: Although not a full fledged skills development initiative like PTLB School, PTLB Virtual Campus and PTLITC, yet the Virtual Cyber Security Incubator of CECSRDI is improving and strengthening the skills of startups and companies incubated under the CECSRDI incubator.

(e) Sector Specific Incubators: We have sector or field specific incubators as well that are developing skills of those who have incubated for that particular field. For instance, the TLCEODRI is managing a techno legal incubator for online dispute resolution (ODR) and is improving the skills of arbitrators, mediators and ODR professionals. To resolve all cyber law and cyber security disputes using ODR, we would use the portal, services and incubator of TLCEODRI.